Religious essay on existence of god

Swinburne also says that God does not defy human understanding and there is no reason, in principle, why people should not be able to correctly identify an object of their experience as divine. Which avoids the question. The adult world is composed mainly of Theists: A question that is brought up is, why would God let his "chosen people" suffer.

Essay/Term paper: Does god exist?

Hints aside, though, how could the existence of God be proven. James does take into account that there are times when we can postpone making a decision until more sufficient evidence is provided.

A universal moral law cannot exist accidentally. Man in the past has conceived the idea that God did not exist. Scientists do have the ability to gather corroborating evidence or to show no such evidence exists and that what the person is saying is a figment of their imagination not reality.

Arguments for the existence of God come in many different forms; some draw on history, some on science, some on personal experience, and some on philosophy. People who suffer from various kinds of drug addictions may genuinely believe that the world contains fifty foot penguins but this is obviously not the case.

They claim that the only possible proof for the existence of God is that the very same belief is the necessary condition to the intelligibility of all other human experience and action.

A natural explanation would be the architecture. The Bible has been shown to be mythological story not factual historical account. With every religion, there is likely to be a single holy being, a god.

However, since an assessment of the weight of evidence depends on the prior probability that is assigned to each worldview, arguments that a theist finds convincing may seem thin to an atheist and vice versa. We do not recommend this definition, because it would make the vast majority of humans into Strong Atheists.

Some traditions also believe that God is the entity which is currently answering prayers for intervention or information or opinions.

Clifford suggests that holding beliefs based upon insufficient evidence can lead to the downfall of society. If a skeptic were to accept Pascal's invitation to believe in what deity would that person place their psychological commitment to believe.

If God could rationally be proven, his existence would be unimportant to humans. Such experiences must be deconstructed. The real question is whether JehovahZeusRaKrishna, or any gods of any religion exist, and if so, which gods. If several, or even all, of the arguments were successful, then this would give us a detailed picture of the nature of God, which could then be compared to the picture painted by each competing religion.

In essence, by choosing to wait, the skeptic joins the side of the non-believer. This paper "Philosophy of Religion - Existence of God" focuses on live philosophical arguments and debates which are a real phenomenon in the society where individuals seek to find information.

Richard Swinburne takes a stand in his introduction with a very strong subject for a good argument. One can assume by reading his starting sentence that he will not only form an argument about religion, but that he is a religious man himself and in being a religious man he will try to explain why he chose to believe in God/5(3).

Does God Exist Can Philosophy Prove the Existence of God? Every culture has had its gods. The ancient agrarian cultures had their fertility gods; the Greeks and Romans had their pantheon; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have their one god of all.

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The Christian God

The philosophy of religion uses philosophical methodologies to examine religion, from the existence and attributes of God to the problems of evil, diverse religions, and conflicting belief systems. Tags. Feb 25,  · This is the second in a series of interviews about religion that I am conducting for The Stone.

The interviewee for this installment is Louise Antony, a professor of philosophy at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the editor of the essay collection “Philosophers Without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life.”.

Religious essay on existence of god
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Essay Paper on Is There a God