Media religion and politics in pakistan

Islam and Politics While Muslims widely embrace democracy and religious freedom, many also want religion to play a prominent role in politics. Although the press does not criticize Islam as such, leaders of religious parties and movements are not exempt from public scrutiny and criticism.

The Tunisian Constitution favors Islam over other religions, but religious courts, which once governed family law, were abolished in He, like others, wrestled with the role of religion which ultimately led him to adopt a more conservative course. APNEC and PFUJ and all their affiliated unions and units rejected the proposed setting up of a press council and press regulatory laws that the government decided to introduce to regulate the press.

The current government of General Musharraf has considerable leverage over the press through its control over newsprint, its substantial budget for advertising and public interest campaigns, and its ability to enforce regulations. Many Muslims express concern about religious extremist groups operating in their country.

Politics of Pakistan

Across five of the six major regions included in the study, majorities of Muslims in most countries say a woman should be able to decide for herself whether to wear a veil in public.

Jinnah needed a demand that was specifically Muslim though unspecific in every other respect. It obviously entertains us; and to advertise the products, in the area of information alone, mass media provides much careful reporting on a vast array of issues and events that are necessary to our lives every day.

Their efforts could not divorce religion from politics rather in politics the vested interests started exploiting caste and religion for gaining political advantage.

Excluded from jurisdiction, however, are personal grievances or service matters of a public servant as well as matters relating to foreign affairs, national defence, and the armed services. Government leaks, although not uncommon, are managed carefully; it is common knowledge that journalists, who are routinely underpaid, are on the unofficial payrolls of many competing interests, and the military or elements within it is presumed to be no exception.

When partition resulted in the establishment of Pakistan as an independent homeland for the Muslims, the Muslim League as a political party struggled with the tasks of leading the new country into stable statehood.

Inagriculture engaged 47 percent of the labor force and accounted for 24 percent of the gross domestic product as well as close to 70 percent of export revenues.

In that era, during elections, IJI- religious alliance of eight parties- got an introduction in the political culture. Ayub Khan conceded to their demand as he was compelled to do so. In general, Musharraf's administration seems to follow a more liberal policy towards the press with fewer restrictions and much less manipulation.

On balance, more Muslims are concerned about Islamic than Christian extremist groups. Houses are built from available local materials; the vast majority are of adobea material that is not only cheap and reasonably durable in the dry climate but also provides better insulation from extremes of heat and cold than brick or stone.

Similarly, most do not see Sunni-Shia hostilities as a major problem. In addition, accreditation cards would be issued to working journalists to help them perform their duties; these would be issued according to accreditation laws and the opinion of accreditation committees.

The confusion had more to do with various statements of Quaid-e-Azam rather than the general will of people.

Religious Freedom Muslims generally say they are very free to practice their religion.

Essay on Religion and Politics in India

The decisions of the court are binding on the High Courts as well as subordinate judiciary. Muslims around the world express broad support for democracy and for people of other faiths being able to practice their religion freely.

At the same time, many Muslims say religious leaders should influence political matters and see Islamic political parties as just as good or better than other political parties. Pakistan: Religious affiliationEncyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Muslims praying at the mosque of Mahabat Khan, Peshawar, Pak. Robert Harding/Robert Harding Picture Library, London The role of religion in Pakistani society and politics finds its most visible expression in the Islamic Assembly (Jamāʿat-i Islāmī).

After the creation of Pakistan, the main dilemma occurred over the role of religion in the political system and societal structure. This became intense during the period of formulation of first constituent assembly. Some wanted theocratic state while others were in favour of modern Muslim state having secular trends.

The confusion had more to do [ ].

Why Democracy is Weak in Pakistan?

Politics, religion and the media: the transformation of the public sphere in Senegal Politics, religion and the media: the transformation of the public sphere in Senegal Frank Wittmann ZHAW ZURICH UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, SWITZERLAND, frank.

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Media religion and politics in pakistan
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