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Literacy will help him also in gaining common knowledge in various subjects, which will make him a "complete man. To eradicate this problem and to bring about her social, economical and political improvements all educated persons and students should join hands together in all possible ways.

For instance, on the eve of census, there were as many as five states having lower literacy rates than that in Bihar. The motto of Manthan being Saakshar Bharat, Sashakt Bharat, it has been providing quality education selflessly.

Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act is an act passed by the Parliament in which ensures compulsory education for children of age between 6- 14 years. In the north, in a greater part of Rajasthan, and in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar plains also, we have the same levels of literacy.

They take full advantage of his ignorance of the language or wisdom. An illiterate person has to face many practical difficulties in life.

Short Essay on Literacy - Essay for School Students

On the other extreme, there are as many as 81 districts in the country where the overall literacy rates are still below 50 per cent. The — decade is the second census period after the — census period when the absolute number of Indian illiterates declined by 31, peopleindicating that the literacy growth rate is now outstripping the population growth rate.

Remarkably, Bihar is the only state in the country with an illiteracy rate of over 50 per cent. New schools, especially in rural areas have been made to provide education facilities for more students.

Steps Taken by Govt. In as many as five of them literacy transition is near completion. It is important to note that there are thirteen districts in the country where the overall literacy rates are very high, i. The percentage of literate persons in India has considerably increased in comparison with the figures of the earlier years.

All efforts and success in literacy have become obliterated by huge rise in population. In Orissa, districts surrounding the state capital are conspicuous with high levels of literacy. The single most prominent belt with very low levels of literacy lies in the northern plains along the tarai districts in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Classes can be held in a primary school or in any other suitable place that is available in the area chosen for literacy movement. This degrades the quality of education.

The primary education has been free for all. Tips for Speech on Illiteracy in India Never mug up the speech script as it is.

The programme of education has taken a bold step, and the results are encouraging.

Short Essay on Literacy - Essay for School Students

The national literacy rate, according to the census, was Among the states, an overall literacy rate of over 80 per cent is also seen in Goa. You can modify the content as per your requirements as speeches and essays have different structures.

Essay on Illiteracy in India! While India is still struggling to eradicate illiteracy, it is heart­ening to note that our literacy rate has gone up from 25 per cent in to per cent in It is true that this percentage includes everyone who knows how to read and write a few alphabets.

Literacy in India

Illiteracy is a great hurdle for the economic development India. It entangles a man or a nation and eats into the vital of life. Illiteracy is a scar in our national life. The students and the educated youth should come forward to join the literacy movement since launched by the government of India.

Classes can be held in a primary school or in any other suitable place that is available in the area chosen for literacy movement. Outreach program southern hills republican women essay on literacy in india winners p. View. Titles for essays to kill a mockingbird essay literacy 55dbaae97bb9b23e View.

Essays about literacy essay co high school informative on in english The Indian census has adopted this definition and now many of the developing countries are shifting to this definition too. ADVERTISEMENTS: However, a distinction can be made between the literates and the educated as has been done in the case of India.

Short Essay on Illiteracy in India and its Solutions. Category: Essays, have been released for this purpose by the central government but these are not sufficient steps for promotion of literacy in a large country like India. Short Essay on India of My Dreams ; Short Essay on Illiteracy in India ; Illiteracy: Meaning, Causes, Effects.

Literacy in india essay
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Literacy in India – Essay