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In death he has learned the value of compassion and warns Scrooge to reform his ways before it is too late. This is one of the main parts of the story where the spirit is telling Scrooge to change his ways, and teaching him how to do that.

The 21st century is becoming a mirror of the 19th. This is in contrast to the Upper Classes of the day when the adults would entertain guests and the children would eat separately. Dickens uses the children to explain how poverty is affecting the world and society and that there is still time to change things.

The spirit is trying to teach Scrooge a lesson, by quoting what Scrooge said about the workhouses: Christmas A Christmas Carol is a cliched moral fable with no possible relevance to the 21st century. Dickens uses the children to explain how poverty is affecting the world and society and that there is still time to change things.

The repetition of no implies that there is no hope or future for these children, Dickens uses the word perversion to imply that the children are unnatural and twisted and if they were any other children he would use a much kinder and warmer word because he is such a lover of children.

This quote shows the excitement of the children with the words: The 21st century is becoming a mirror of the 19th. Dickens uses long adjective lists to describe the unknown area in great detail with strong adjectives: Through a well written novella Dickens delivers his message, that the wealthy must hange, time and time again.

Dickens sought to make his comfortable middle-class readers aware of the appalling poverty around them. His ambitions grew when his father showed him a house, which inspired him to do well in life.

Alleys and archways, like so many cesspools, disgorged their offenses of smell, and dirt, and life, upon the straggling streets; and the whole quarter reeked with crime, with filth, and misery. The true meaning of Christmas is also shown, but it is also clear that it was materialised, just as it is today.

A Christmas Carol has relevance to the circumstances of the society today and is not only just a cliched moral fable. Charles Dickens, the author, had a true sense of passion towards the poor as he came from humble beginnings.

Marley appears to Scrooge as unhappy and wearing a heavy burden, which is represented by the chains. Charles Dickens displays to the audience that true happiness comes through joining in with humanity and community.

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Scrooge symbolizes the wealthy, aristocratic society members who are ignorant to the poors suffering. Many characters like Jacob Marley exist in the 21st Century, they are generally unhappy and do not live long, productive lives.

This image keeps in well with the franticness of the scene, when the family are getting the dinner ready, as the potatoes need to knock loudly to be heard over all of the noise and amount that is happening. More essays like this: In life Marley was very similar in attitude and temperament to Scrooge: Moreover, Scrooge is a strong supporter of the Poor Law ofwhich allowed the poor to be interned in workhouses.

Dickens describes want and ignorance as twisted and unreal:. Scrooge's Transformation in Dickens' A Christmas Carol - In this essay I am going to distinguish the personality of Scrooge also show you how he was at the beginning of the novella in the 1st Stave to how he changes at the end in the 5th Stave.

A Christmas carol was written by Charles Dickens in it is a novel about a man called Scrooge journeying through Christmas’s past, present and future, he is ultimately transformed from an arrogant, obstinate and insensitive old man to a generous, warm hearted and caring human being.

A Christmas Carol, although it is of a different time period still today teaches valuable lessons. In the story, Ebeneezer Scrooge begins by having no feelings for anything or anybody. In the end, he changes from his gloomy, dark self. Charles Dickens expresses through a Christmas Carol that /5(10).

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A Christmas Carol as an Allegory

A Christmas Carol Essay. BACK; NEXT ; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper. Organize Your Thoughts in 6 Simple Steps Narrow your focus.

Build out your thesis and paragraphs. Vanquish the dreaded blank sheet of paper. An essay on A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol is a famous novel written by Charles Dickens, the most popular writer of the Victorian Era.

The novel is based on a fictitious character named Ebenezer Scrooge, who is a grumpy, mean spirited money lender described by Dickens as ‘a tight fisted hand at the grindstone’.

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